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Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona

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An Unforgettable Underwater Experience in Kona

Enjoy one of the most popular snorkel adventures on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. Join Ocean Eco Tours for the Manta Ray Night Snorkel and get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the deep.

Imagine a dark, liquid world into which you and your fellow snorkelers swim out equipped with bright handheld underwater lights. The lights attract plankton, which in turn attracts the manta rays. This is a truly symbiotic relationship — the mantas get to eat the plankton, and the humans get to enjoy the show. These agile swimmers swoop, circle, and dive as they gather up the plankton putting on one of the best underwater shows anywhere.

This snorkel adventure is very safe — the mantas are known for their gentle attitudes and fascinating behavior. We love to go on this dive with guests as often as we get the chance. You don’t want to miss this Manta Ray Night Snorkel on the Kona Coast of Hawaii!